Real Estate, Construction and Environmental Litigation

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Kaplan Landau represents real estate developers and property owners in all types of real estate, construction and environmental litigation. From major New York City real estate developers, to family real estate partnerships and individual owners, our clients rely on us to assist them with complex real estate litigation involving structural development and renovations, commercial leases, Yellowstone, nuisance and other landlord-tenant issues, as well as zoning, boundary and easement disputes. We have represented partners and investors in various ownership disputes and dissolutions and have creatively and successfully argued appeals that have contributed to the development of New York real estate law.

We also aggressively represent property owners who have discovered construction and design defects in large scale development projects and smaller construction. In litigation, or contractually-mandated mediation or arbitration, we are fully prepared to assert your rights in any aspect of a construction dispute. In sum, we routinely handle complex real estate issues that require an extraordinary degree of creativity and depth of experience.

Kaplan Landau has also successfully represented developers in environmental litigation, including SEQRA actions attempting to thwart the development of aircraft hangars and related facilities, as well as in connection with asbestos and other hazardous material remediation litigation.